Transactional Legal Support:

Silver Star Associates provide sophisticated transactional legal support to law firms and corporate legal departments on the issues of their most importance. Members of our Transactional Legal Support Practice have held positions at key federal regulatory agencies or as in-house counsel for public and private companies, bringing first-hand industry experience to the team and your business. This team-oriented approach provides you with comprehensive legal support to help you cost effectively meet your goals.



Notary Services:

Clients are welcome to make an appointment and have their Notary services performed at our location, or any other convenient venue.




Paralegal Services:

Silver Star Associates Paralegals have the specific goal of offering experienced, cost-effective services to law firms, corporate legal departments, commercial businesses, and the general public. Our paralegals can assist as needed on specific one-time projects or on an ongoing basis. Silver Star Associates strengthens your legal team and secures your competitive edge by providing an experienced, affordable, and fast-responding member to your legal team.



Legal Document Services:


Initial formation of businesses:

  • Registered Agent
  • Reserving business names
  • Preparing buy-sell agreements
  • Preparing formation documents
  • Obtaining employee identification numbers (EINs)
  • Virginia State Corporation Commission Registration
  • Drafting bylaws, partnership agreements and operating agreement


Contracts/Agreements for existing businesses:

  • Teaming agreements
  • Termination contracts
  • Government contracts
  • Employment contracts
  • Contracts with suppliers
  • Contracts with customers
  • Non-Compete agreements
  • Non-Disclosure agreements
  • Contracts with subcontractors
  • Contractor, vendor and supplier matters
  • Any other business centric contract or agreement


Contracts/Agreements for Individuals and Families:

  • Nanny agreement
  • Power of Attorney
  • Prenuptial agreement
  • Postnuptial agreement
  • Last Will and Testament
  • Child Support agreement
  • Child Visitation agreement
  • Spousal Support agreement
  • Advanced Medical Directive
  • Codicil to Will and Testament
  • Roommate Sublease agreement
  • Marriage Separation agreement
  • Uncontested Divorce agreement
  • Domestic Partnership agreement
  • Any other individual or family centric contract or agreement



Alternative Dispute Resolution  (ADR) services:



An impartial neutral mediator selected by the parties facilitates confidential negotiations between the parties to help them reach a mutually acceptable agreement. Parties maintain the right of self-determination and can agree on terms that are outside of normal statutory or common law remedies.



An impartial neutral arbitrator makes a binding decision, following a hearing where parties present evidence and arguments. This is generally more expeditious than litigation in court, but it has a narrow basis for appeal. 


Early Neutral Evaluation 

An impartial neutral with subject-matter expertise provides a confidential, non-binding evaluation of the case, and is available to assist the parties reach a mutually acceptable agreement. 



Is an ADR process where an independent third party, the conciliator, helps people in a dispute to identify the disputed issues, develop options, consider alternatives and try to reach an agreement.   

A conciliator may have professional expertise in the subject matter in dispute and will generally provide advice about the issues and options for resolution. However, a conciliator will not make a judgment or decision about the dispute.

Conciliation may be voluntary, court ordered or required as part of a contract. It is often part of a court or government agency process.